Jawetz Medical Microbiology 2019(میکروب‌شناسی جاوتز 2019)(نشر رویان پژوه)

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Jawetz Medical Microbiology Jawetz Medical Microbiology

About The Book

Since 1954, Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology has been hailed by students, instructors, and clinicians as the single-best resource for understanding the roles microorganisms play in human health and illness.

Concise and fully up to date, this trusted classic links fundamental principles with the diagnosis and treatment of microbial infections. Along with brief descriptions of each organism, you will find vital perspectives on pathogenesis, diagnostic laboratory tests, clinical findings, treatment, and epidemiology. The book also includes an entire chapter of case studies that focuses on differential diagnosis and management of microbial infections.

Here’s why Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology is essential for USMLE® review:

• 640+ USMLE-style review questions
• 350+ illustrations
• 140+ tables
• 22 case studies to sharpen your differential diagnosis and management skills
• An easy-to-access list of medically important microorganisms
• Coverage that reflects the latest techniques in laboratory and diagnostic technologies
• Full-color images and micrographs
• Chapter-ending summaries
• Chapter concept checks

Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg’s Medical Microbiology, Twenty-Eighth Edition effectively introduces you to basic clinical microbiology through the fields of bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology, giving you a thorough yet understandable review of the discipline. Begin your review with it and see why there is nothing as time tested or effective.

About The Editors

Stefan Riedel, MD, PhD, D(ABMM)

Associate Professor of Pathology

Harvard Medical School

Associate Medical Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratories

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston, Massachusetts

Jeffery A. Hobden, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology

LSU Health Sciences Center—New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

Steve Miller, MD, PhD

Department of Laboratory Medicine

University of California

San Francisco, California

Stephen A. Morse, MSPH, PhD

International Health Resources and Consulting, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia

Timothy A. Mietzner, PhD

Associate Professor of Microbiology

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at Seton Hill

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Barbara Detrick, PhD

Professor of Pathology and Medicine, School of Medicine

Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland

Thomas G. Mitchell, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus

Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Duke University Medical Center

Durham, North Carolina

Judy A. Sakanari, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

University of California

San Francisco, California

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD

Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine

Professor, Pediatrics and Molecular Virology and Microbiology

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

Rojelio Mejia, MD

Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics

National School of Tropical Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

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